Mobile Sawmill Hire

Produce beautiful, economical timber, custom cut from your trees.

  • Cut a great deal of timber in a day at a fraction of the retail cost of sawn wood
  • Reliable sawmill with small-kerf blade for less wastage.
  • Environmentally responsible – your own timber is locally sourced, reducing ‘wood miles’; you know the provenance of your timber, and how the woodland is managed.
  • Practical – timber can be produced to the exact specifications of a planned project for craftspeople and DIY.
  • Re-cut old beams, railway sleepers or seasoned hardwood tree trunks to reclaim timber from otherwise wasted materials.
  • Produce local raw materials with beauty and history, for products with added value.
  • The satisfaction of self-sufficiency: using your own trees in your projects – useful, beautiful, and unique.
  • For those wood owners affected by Phytophthora ramorum, it is still possible to cut and transport timber from affected trees (once the wood is debarked). Some owners of larch woodland in affected areas are now felling and processing their timber before this disease is detected in their woodland.
  • The offcuts also have value – they can be used as rustic pieces, slabwood or firewood.

Available for hire

Mobile Saw Mill