Tree Selection and Planting Service

Selecting a tree is a choice we take to enhance our gardens and lifestyle, whether it’s for creating a privacy screen, for the commemoration of a departed friend or family member, or as a focal point in your garden landscape. Arb-Aid will help you make the right choice of tree. It may be for spring colour, the Dawn Redwood and its fairy light like buds opening into vibrant leaf fronds or the colour and fragrance of the Cherry. In the summer, you have variegated foliage of a cultivar of the Norway Maple Acer platanoides ‘Drummondii’.

The vibrant pink buds of the Copper Beech later in the season forming the intense Purple/Red canopy.

Tree planting

The array of autumn beauty with the hues of the Sweetgum, leafs of deep purple, pink and yellow cascading around its crown. Winter interest has the cinnamon flaking bark of Paperbark Maple, while the white marble like trunk of the Himalayan Birch that shines brightly on moonlit nights (as long as its positioned to the north of the central viewing area).

Tree planting Pembrokeshire

The tree species can be selected for the attraction of wildlife into your garden and there is no better trees than the Robinia or Honey Locus to attracting Honey Bees, with the added benefit of yellow foliage and pink candelabra like flowers.

Tree selection and planting

Tree Transplanting

If you have a tree in an area that is scheduled to have development on or there is a special tree that was planted by a relative or is to commemorate a special occasion Arb-Aid can move the tree safely and healthily to a desired location, Whether 1 meter or 10 miles distant.

Arb-Aid can assess the trees health and species requirements and advise transplant detail requirements of the intended location, by assessing soil type and environmental considerations of the species type.

With a little consultation Arb-Aid will help you bring harmony to your garden and your surrounding neighborhood.