Conservation Area – Hedgerow Maintenance, Tree Surgeon Pembrokeshire.

8 x Wych Elm (Ulmus glabra)

Group Tree Reduction.

Standing at a 20 meter + height to the west of the property, the trees are screening winter sun light before lunch time reducing and shading the rear garden in the summer afternoons, shading the back rooms of the house. The group of Elm’s were originally mature Elm’s, but succumbed to the Dutch Elm’s Disease (DED) in the seventies, the Elms are sucker growth (estimated 40 years old) which are just starting to show signs of Ophiostoma novo-ulmi fungi (DED). The fungus lays dormant in the trees until a certain age (possibly flowering maturity?), then activates in the tips of the branches first, this is called ‘Witches Fingers’; by cutting the newly attacked ends of the branches a trained tree surgeon can prevent failure, although this will have to be carried out regularly for the remainder of the Elm’s life to survive.

Street view 

Completion of the Hedgerow reduction from front of house.


Predominantly visible from village centre crossroads. The trees provide structural stability to a roadside embankment, habitat, visual providence at the crossroads and beginning of a brockey Lane. They are situated within a Conservation area and are not the property owners responsibility. Consulting arboricultorists Arb-Aid liaised with the owners of the trees and corresponded with Pembrokeshire County Council for permission to carry out tree care within the Conservation area.

Roadside Management

Risk to the public is one of the first considerations that the tree surgeon assesses, road signs and cones are positioned with a High Vis wearing, trained arborist groundsman in position to control traffic, pedestrians and dog walkers and ensuring all arisings remain inside the cone system ready for chipping.

Left clean and tidy 

Completion of Elm reduction from village centre. The tree line has a natural form at every angle and the existing trees and shrubs maintaining their stature. The view of the tree line is important not only from the customers view, but from neighbours, eye lines at road junctions, bus stops or shop entrances.

Happy Customers

Rear garden finished tree line and the herbaceous borders and shrubs will flourish as the customers enjoy a cup of tea. The reduction/pollard is of over 70% of the foliage of the trees, the branches are trimmed in a shape to maintain as natural ‘at a glance’ line as possible.  Look closely and see the main stems and by the end of next year some of the gaps will have been filled with the new growth with a more balanced hedge line that will be easily maintained every 3-4 years.

On Top Of The World

Time frame Tree/Hedge reduction

The camera angle is viewing the trees from neighbouring properties across the road. The wires to the right are 230v Electric and the blue one to the left is BT.

Arborist’s Street View

The Utility post with the electric and BT lines in the centre of the group of trees are 4 British Telecom Lines and two sets of Electric lines. Western Power are informed of the works prior to commencement, so if there are any incidents with the power supply they would know where to go to reconnect the customers. My glamorous assistant Oliver maintaining pedestrian and driver awareness. 

Arborist’s Safety

My Climbing rope attached to the tree and friction system that allows me to effortlessly work the tree.