Beech 3m Reduction, a Pembrokeshire Tree Surgeon.

The Beech (Fagus syvatica) is part of a woodland with a tree canopy adventure course. The woodland canopy to the west had been altered after a mature Beech stem failure from Ganoderma adspersum .

To minimise the added wind dynamics to the trees canopy, the canopy was reduced down by 3m. This will reduce the energy to the canopy and so enable the tree to adjust physically with new growth to selected areas and reduce the risk of root/stem/branch failure in a high public area.

Words and Photos By Adrian, a Pembrokeshire Tree surgeon with Arb-Aid.

The failed tree was in another section of the wood away from any public staff access and so was no risk. The reduction was to maintain high standards of tree health and safety and so minimising any risk to the public, staff or apperatus